High grade steel plate finds a prime place in the construction industry

Steel is a metal alloy that is produced when iron is combined with carbon. To expand the mechanical properties of steel to meet with specific industry applications, other metals such as vanadium, chromium, manganese and tungsten are added to steel in varying proportions. The quantity of each alloy element present in the steel decides its hardness, ductility, and tensile strength.

Widely used all over the world, steel is largely available in the form of steel plate, tubes, sheets and others. Due to its high strength and durability, steel is in great demand in industries including construction, roads and railways, bridges, highways, subways, cars and automobiles, ship building, bulldozers, armoured vehicles and a wide array of heavy equipment. 

Besides these, steel in the form of steel plate and tubes is also extensively used in engineering, aerospace, as well as oil and natural gas. For providing enhanced strength and support, steel is highly used in creating the skeletal framework of modern buildings and skyscrapers.

 Relatively inexpensive, steel is one of those metals that are produced in large quantities all over the world. During the manufacturing process, the metal is put through various treatments including annealing, quenching and tempering, to enhance its strength and hardness. The annealing process is used to soften the steel by subjecting it to very high temperatures. Thereafter processes including quenching and tempering are used to heat the steel up to a critical temperature to bring it to its austenite phase. Then the metal is immersed in oil or water for quick cooling, thus making it hard and brittle. Further tempering delivers a kind of steel that is highly pliable as well as fracture resistant.

With the ability to withstand high heat, steel plate form an integral part of high temperature containers such as boilers and is thus extensively suited in ship building and construction of other marine vehicles. With their innate strength, the steel plate also finds a place of high importance in the construction industry. In the defense industry, steel plate is an integral part of bunkers as well as jets, tanks, and military grade vehicles.

Steel plates are applied in high temperature containers like boilers and used in the manufacturing of ships and other marine vehicles. Steel plates are used in construction for their essential strength and can be found in all types of buildings. In the defense industry, steel plates are used for sturdy military grade vehicles like tanks, jets, and buildings such as bunkers.  

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