Stainless tube is a vital in today’s era 

Since the beginning of the civilization, after the discovery of iron, mankind has been developing day by day, with the help of iron materials and its alloys and by products. Without iron we could not have become what we are today. Every single article that humans are using today is the result of iron, either for construction purpose, or for production purpose where all the machines are made of iron and even the factories where these machines are fixed, is also constructed with iron bodies. So, technically, without iron nothing would have been actually made. Among the various products that we obtain from iron, stainless steel and a product made out of stainless steel, namely stainless tube is one of the major products that are used in various industries today.

Stainless steel tube:

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon or other elements such as sulphur, manganese, silicon, phosphorus etc. where carbon is the main element for alloying which is contained in an amount of 0.002% to 2.1%. The reason for producing this kind of an alloy of iron is to prevent iron from rusting, to increase its hardness and stop it from weathering. It also helps to prevent the dislocation of iron atoms. The advantages of using stainless steel are that it has high tensile strength and it is also highly ductile. However by using stainless steel, a variety of products like stainless tube, pipes etc. are being made.

Types of stainless steel tube:

By adding different elements, different types of stainless steels are being made. If nickel is added, the steel becomes non magnetic and in low temperature, it is not brittle. Whereas ferretic steel are good for engineering works. They are not good conductor of electricity, but it is useful because its perfect surface helps avoid dirt and maintain its lustre.

Stainless steel tubes manufactured by Global Material Exchange Company:

Maintaining the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials, GMEX or the Global Material Exchange company produces a number of stainless tube that are used for various purposes such as:

·         A554 or Welded Ornamental Tubing: By using an automatic welding procedure, these tubes are made from flat rolled steel. This tube might lack an extra filler metal. It can be prepared in a number of shapes like square, round or rectangular. For making ladders, railings and mirror bracker arms, grill guards and many medical instruments, this is used.

·         A213, A269 and A511: These seamless tubes have high end strength for creep-rupture, and are corrosion resistant. They are used for boiler, heat exchange and super heater.

·         A249 and A269: These are tubes with thickness like the wall that are used for railings, boats and tailpipes of auto mobiles. However, one thing that must be remembered is that these tubes must be used in the heat treated state.

Utility of these stainless steel tubes:

Apart from the various laboratory experiments such as hydrostatic test, non destructive electric test, reverse flattering test, hardness test, flange test etc. these stainless tube manufactured by Global Material Exchange company, are used in the beverage industries, food processing industries, pharmaceutical industries, medicine production, heat exchanger, chemical processing, recreational vehicles, fire equipments and even for agricultural purposes.  

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