Stainless bar and its applications -

In metallurgy, stainless steel is an alloy of steel with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. It is also referred to as inox, adapted from the French word inoxydable. It is basically a metal alloy of steel along with other metallic elements like chromium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, aluminium, and carbon. Iron mixed with carbon to produce steel is definitely the main component of stainless steel. Stainless steel differs from carbon steel in the amount of chromium it contains. Unprotected carbon steel gets corroded very easily because it does not have a large amount of chromium present in it whereas, in stainless steel the amount of chromium present is enough to act as a film protecting the surface as well as the interiors of the steel alloy from corrosion. Stainless bar, plates, tubes, et cetera are the different forms in which we can use the helpful alloy.

Despite its resistance to corrosion and rust, the bars are not completely stain – proof as their name signifies. They stain easily under conditions of low oxygen, high salinity, or a poor circulatory environment. They are also referred to as the corrosion resistant steel bar or CRESB. They are mainly used when both properties of steel and of corrosion resistance are required.

Stainless steel and its bars are used for making kitchen utensils for the simple reason that they do not affect the flavor of food and are very easy to clean as well as does not stain very fast under the most normal circumstances. That is why it is used to manufacture cookware, surgical instruments, sheets, wires et cetera. It is also used in industrial sectors as far as communication and transport is concerned.

Applications of stainless bar –

  • Stainless bar are used in chemical and fat industries.
  • They are used in sugar mills as well as in distilleries.
  • These bars have made their use known in cement, ship builder and paper industries as well.
  • These are used in petrochemicals and in pumps as well as in oils and gas organizations.
  •  These are used in making nozzles, funnels, threaded bars, and in many other small but significant industries.
  •  They are specially known for their resistance to corrosion, thus being popular among the production of articles which require regular contact with air and water.
  • These are also used as parts of machinery and are used in the making of the components of small parts of big machines.
  • These bars are used in the manufacture of pump shafts, valves, fasteners et cetera
  • They are also used in the making of surgical and medical instruments.

Some properties of stainless bar are that it does not rust and decay easily and is also one hundred per cent recyclable. It can be reused, reduced, and recycled very easily and thus does not pose any form of a huge threat to the earth’s fragile environment and is therefore also tolerated well by plants and animals.

Thus, we see that stainless steel and its bars are very useful and can be employed in various methods in different industries. We can adapt its physical structure very easily to fit and suit our requirements. It definitely has made life much, much easier for us.

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